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Strata Management

Houghton Realty has been providing strata management services since 1995 and takes pride in providing clients with high quality and responsive customer service. We understand that if you're reading this you're probably not very happy with the current state of affairs at your strata. Houghton Realty is an expert in revitalizing buildings that have been neglected and takes a proactive approach in the maintenance and upkeep of your building.

Part of our complimentary onboarding package includes:

  • Assigning a transition team to provide white glove service for the changeover

  • Starting a month early free of charge to prepare owners for the transition to our company

  • Reviewing your financials to identify areas of waste to save owners' money

  • Auditing your contractors to ensure that you have the right people in place for the job

  • Providing a complementary $200 towards the purchase of your first batch of cheques

We provide:

  • Managers that are not overloaded with strata lots which means more time for your strata

  • Concise meeting minutes on time

  • Easy to read financial statements provided within a week of month end

  • Regular site inspections

  • A list of quality trades compiled over decades to save costs

  • Strata managers that are highly educated and experienced (see our bios for more information)

  • An online portal for owners and council to access important documents


​Houghton Realty guarantees long term relationships without a constant changeover in managers. We offer superior customer service that is second to none.

Schedule a meeting with our transition team today!

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