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For a form F or B please click the link below to be directed to eStrataHub

For any other document please Download the form

Print and fill out the Form

& Return to Houghton Realty via:



mail to: 5675 176A St Surrey BC ca V3S 4G8


Click the link to be directed to eStrataHub where you can order a form F & B.

The "Form F: Certificate of Payment" provides information on whether the owner of a strata lot owes money to the strata corporation. The Form F is typically required by the Land Title Office when transferring a strata property.

The "Form B: Information Certificate" discloses a variety of information about a strata lot and the strata corporation. Typically it is requested when someone is considering buying a strata lot.


The Form K is a form set out in the Strata Property Act.  This form must be signed by any person renting their unit.  It provides confirmation that the tenant has received a copy of the bylaws of the strata corporation and agrees to abide by them.  If the Form K is not received, there are various remedies against the owner that are set out in the strata corporation bylaws and the Strata Property Act.  In addition, failure to have a tenant sign a Form K provides the tenant with certain rights under the Residential Tenancy Act.


for pre-authorised withdrawl of strata fees

Forms: FAQ
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